12/08/2019 - 11:32

The Proches Agency offers guidance to innovative entrepreneurs

Paris, 4 December 2018 – The Proches agency has set itself the goal of accelerating the growth of start-ups and is currently assessing its influence offering for innovative entrepreneurs.

One year after signing the first projects with start-ups, the consultancy firm is happy with the success of its influence offering aiming to improve the visibility and credibility of innovative entrepreneurs in their ecosystem and in the media. By making use of its different areas of expertise (media relations, public affairs, brand, content, digital technology), the influence agency steps in at a key phase in the development of start-ups to help them switch scale, by helping their managers affirm themselves and become leaders in their respective fields.

On 1st December 2018, Proches helped 3 innovative entrepreneurs accelerate their growth:


Le Moove Lab

Moove Lab had premises at the Station F campus, the largest incubator in the world. It was an accelerator of innovative mobility start-ups created in 2017 by the National Automotive Industry Council (Conseil National des Professions de l’Automobile – CNPA) and via-ID. Moove Lab was the only project dedicated to the problem of mobility and it called on Proches to communicate its half yearly promotions to professionals in the sector and prescribers through media relations in the automotive press, but also in the business, start-up and tech press.



SPALLIAN was founded 20 years ago by Renaud Prouveur and it is a flagship of technology in solutions transforming Big Data into Smart Data. In concrete terms, it publishes a participative democracy and public policy management solution called TellMyCity, which is been rolled out in 100 or so cities in France. With a view to improving TellMyCity’s reputation and increasing the number of cities using the tool, SPALLIAN asked Proches to communicate its benefits in the mainstream and specialized media, so that it could reach out to all its target audiences, influencers, clients and prescribers.



SerendpTech start-up specializing in data privacy. Created in 2016 by Emilie Thébault, the cyber security start-up groups together a team of experts who work with the general managers of VSBs/SMEs to transform their organizations, fighting fraud and complying with new European regulations in data privacy (PSD2, RGPD) while increasing their agility and client acquisition. With a view to scaling up and raising investment, the Proches agency helped focus attention on SerendpTech in its ecosystem of prospects, influenceurs and financial investors through media relations in specialized publications and the professionalization of its external communications.

Contact presse : Anil Ciftci // anil.ciftci [AT] agenceproches.com