12/08/2019 - 12:14

Proches helps the General Federation of the PEP to bring inclusive society to the forefront of public debate


“Inclusion is everyone’s business” was the message that the General Federation of the PEP (FGPEP) communicated extensively on social media in late 2017. In all, nearly 15,000 Internet users were made aware of the problem of inclusion through the digital campaign devised by the Proches agency. This was an unprecedented campaign for the Federation of 123 PEP associations. They worked with the staff at Proches to gain support on the subject of inclusion from public decision makers, politicians, the media and its entire ecosystem.

As the issue of inclusion is a growing one in all spheres of society, the 360-communication campaign developed by Proches offering an mix of lobbying, communications and digital media, aimed to showcase the project and the local actions of the PEP associations in favor of a more inclusive an equitable society.

The one-month digital campaign, aimed at the general public prior to the PEP Meetings, which brought together nearly 1,500 participants, was highly successful, thanks to creative visuals on inclusion, throwing the spotlight on photos taken by the Magnum agency and an emphasis on the results of the annual survey on inclusion carried out in partnership with Kantar Public. The Facebook and Twitter campaign also attracted a new audience to the PEP Meetings, and established this event as the largest social forum on inclusion in France.

Parallel to this, towards the end 2017, the PEPs began an extensive program of meetings with institutional and decision makers and politicians to promote their new federal project, to share practical on-the-ground experience of the 123 PEP local associations, and to create synergies through collaborative actions.

To promote these actions throughout the year, Proches helped them establish a permanent climate of trust and dialogue with the leading mainstream and specialized media, with a view to enhancing the federation’s reputation and visibility in public debate. The 4th PEP Meetings on 14 and 15 December 2017 were an opportunity for an AFP story which was relayed through thirty media channels.

In 2018, Proches continued to provide support by capitalizing on major political dates with a view to continuing to raise the awareness of public opinion on the problem of inclusion on a national and local scale.

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À propos des associations PEP

Les PEP sont un réseau de 123 associations de proximité fédérées au sein d’une Fédération Générale qui agit pour une société inclusive. Véritable mouvement de transformation sociale, les PEP agissent quotidiennement en faveur de l’accès de plus d’1,3 millions d’individus à leurs droits communs : droit à l’éducation, à la culture, aux loisirs, aux soins, à la vie sociale et à l’emploi. Le réseau intervient dans les domaines de la petite enfance, de l’éducation, des loisirs, du social, du médico-social et du sanitaire, sur l’ensemble des départements français en métropole et en outre-mer.


À propos de l’agence Proches

Proches Influence & Marque est une agence conseil en stratégies d’influence, de réputation et de communication qui revendique une approche fondée sur la bataille culturelle. Créée en septembre 2014 par Pierre-Yves Frelaux, l’agence accompagne de nombreux acteurs privés (Auchan, Veolia, Continental), publics (collectivités, SNCF) et institutionnels (Ordre des avocats de Paris, CFE-CGC, FCD, PEP) et compte une quinzaine de collaborateurs communicants, experts des affaires publiques et du numérique.

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